Tips and Tricks on Becoming a Better in GTA Online

GTA Online Better Player Tips

Get to know the tips and tricks you probably did not existed in GTA Online in the game. This will help you out be a better player and it is pretty neat if you know any of it. So, without further adieu, let us go ahead and start the ball rolling.

Useful GTA Online Tips and Tricks:

  • For the first trick, this will help you play GTA Oline with one hand. Pretty useful for instances when you are texting or you are using your right hand for other things besides controlling your character. Basically, you are left with your left hand on the keyboard and you still want to be proactive or perhaps you are travelling into a new place. What you need to do is simply go ahead and start sprinting and while doing it, open the weapon wheel and that is it. Your character will be on constant running motion and all you have to do is maneuver to which direction you want him simply with one hand.
  • The next trick is definitely going to “wow” your friends. What you basically need to do during a race is to go to you the liberator, then switchback one, and then click on the crew color. Now, depending on your crew color, you will be able to change your cars color effortlessly. This trick is somewhat new and most of the GTA gamer do not know about this but for those who use GTA Online Hack for Xbox 360 and PS3, they are well aware of it already.
  • The third trick is pretty useful if you want to get your vehicle fixed. Of course, you need to call a mechanic and want it to go in the direction where your vehicle is located. You simply need to face your back in the direction you want the car to spawn and then start calling the mechanic. That simple.

For those who have contents or some other neat tricks that can be useful in the game. You can share it down below to others. It would be cool if you can help others become a better player with the things you know about GTA V and GTA Online. Let us build a community that would make a difference the world of online gaming and let us start with Grand Theft Auto 5.


Upgrading & Expanding in Hay Day the Smart Way

Hay Day Expand and Upgrade

Strategy means everything. If want to know how to easily expand your land, fishing area, upgrade your barn, access silo and even have rare items in Hay Day either on iOS and Android. Some will contradict such claims but for those who knows the game that well will agree that a gamer do not really have to spend so much time playing Hay Day, instead one should device a tactic to make most of the less time possible.

The idea of this strategy is to actually plant your item field with just wheat. And simply keep on harvesting it. What is good about this is that you will be getting every 2 minutes a special item. Of course, you should sell the wheat so you can keep the cycle going on. Usually it is recommended to sell it for cheap in the road side shop so it would take less time being there. You can also advertise it if you want, just to keep it the least time possible in the shop. Or maybe ask a friend or someone you know in the game to come by at your shop and buy your cheap wheat. Either way, as long as you can dispose your item the fastest way.

Doing the above tactic will yield you the fastest way possible to expand your land. This is a sure fire way and it has been tested by so many players using Hay Day game iOS hack that it has been become a standard yet it is surprising to see some players overlooked at or haven’t really tried it. It will also give the user a chance to expand the fishing area. As we all know, fishing area produce fishes which play a vital role towards achieving certain types of tasks and quests. Additionally, you upgrade your barn with this too. And this is no secret. Lastly, it will give the best chance to access your silo and rare items due the high probability of loots that you can get from harvesting wheat. Remember in Hay Day, you have to play smart not just hard.

Resurrection – The Sims 4 Trick Manual

Sims 4 Book of Life

Sims 4 is a life simulator game. Therefore, it is just ordinary that what happens in real life will also happen in the game. With that being said, you will get to experience death of your Sim. But there is this one neat trick that will give your Sims another life. How to do it? Well, that is what we are here fore. This is the guide for the Sims 4 resurrection trick.

Now this trick will involve some work but if you are diligent enough, you can surely pull this off. A Sim can be resurrected if and only if, you can write the book of life and then capture their life which should be done beforehand. In other words, if your Sim dies and you haven’t captured their life in the book of life, then you are screwed. There are cheats needed in order for this work but for the sake of learning it would be nice to get this done step by step the old fashion way.

Your Sim will have to maxed out its skill particularly its writing skill to level 10. The next thing that should be done is that your Sim needs to have an aspiration as a writer under the creative tab. It is not enough though to have the aspiration but to be a best selling author. After reaching it, the option for writing will then be activated for the particular Sim making him or her able to write a book of life for anyone else except for his or her own self. Tricky right? Well, if you want a particular Sim to be resurrected once it dies, you have to assign another Sim to write a book of life for him. With a book of life written, your Sim is pretty much safe. Once you use it, the book will the disappear in the shelf where you keep it.

Sims dying in the Sims 4 is not at a rare scenario. Quite frankly, dying is so easy in the game and thus having a book of life written comes in handy most of the time.


Boom Beach’s Sculptor and Statues Online Guide


There have a lot of questions recently about Boom Beach’s content — crystals and statues, and ultimately sculptor. It is inevitable because it was not included before and with the updates that have been rolled contents are being added and included in it are those mentioned above. So, it is just apt to get down to what really these things are and how it affects to the overall gameplay and strategy.

First off, what are statues? At Boom Beach Headquarter level 5, you will be able to unlock the building sculptor. With this structure, you can then build statues using fragments, shards, and crystals. After creating a statue, you can then deploy it to your base, which can do one of the following: boost your offense, defense, resources, or bonuses. Statues will increasingly be important in the game as you progress. As mentioned above, statues have different effects to your base, thus they are several types of it.

There are four types of Statues in Boom Beach:

  • Life Statues – these statues are intended for resource production of the your base.
  • Ice Statues – these statues are for defense. It boosts the building’s health and defense building’s damage against enemy raiders.
  • Magma Statues – these statues are for offense. It boosts your troop’s health as well as its damage dealt to enemies.
  • Dark Statues – these statues boosts the your gunboat energy, as well as the on crystals= drops, and loots. Additionally, it gives bonus to resource reward during raids.

Sculptor Level

Apart from those mentioned types of statues, there will be levels that categorize it into three. First is the idol. This will take you around 7 fragments and 1 hour to make, and reclaiming it will take you 1. Next level is the guardian. This will require 7 shards, and 4 hours to make. Consequently it will require 1 crystal in the instance that you need to reclaim it for other purposes. The last level is the masterpiece. This will require 7 crystals, and 12 hours to make. And to reclaim it requires around 7 power powder.

It is worth noting that making statues in Boom Beach is implemented in a random basis. Meaning, it is not fixed. And thus, there some kind of probability of behind to it and trial and error will have to be your main strategy to get what you are after for. Overall, these statues will give you the advantage, more like if you use Boom Beach app hack, that is if you can get the right one that will complement your strategy.



Super Evil MegaCorp Putting Effort on Vainglory Development

SuperEvil Megacorp Vainglory

You know, for the longest time I have been a big fan of MOBA game like Dota and League of Legends. It is basically what is making a scene in as far as E-Sports is concern and online gaming is concern. It is like the Counter-Strike of FPS back in the day. However, one thing that is missing out here is the fact that gamers nowadays does not just have PC or consoles in their hand. Majority have their smartphones and tablets. The may sound silly but I think most of the people are using more their mobile devices than their PC or console. Thus the need for mobile game developers to really give their best at developing games that the gamers want. And personally speaking, I would to play DotA on my tablet than on my PC because I am always traveling.

With the above wish mentioned, I am grateful that somehow one developer did put an effort into making a MOBA game designed to be played on tablets and phones. Thanks to Super Evil MegaCorp making Vainglory as the first MOBA game optimized for touchscreen mobile devices. Not only that, they also made it a point that is free-to-play so that many gamers will get to enjoy the title without having to spend anything. However right now it is only available for those using iOS phones and tablets, but developer is promising it to purport it soon to Android. To be honest, I would love to try this game but until then I can only watch because I do not own an iOS device. I am not a fan and will never be.

As far as the game goes. This is certainly not the best MOBA game out there but if you are going to look at it on the other way around knowing that I would still give it a go. Why? To develop a game that is designed for mouse and keyboard and make it a point to be playable with just your touchscreen is already a great innovation. Putting the effort in itself is already a big hurdle yet Super Evil MegaCorp still push thru with Vainglory. shocking, this game. It’s really not bad but not great either, but the overall quality is decent for me to recommend who are MOBa fans. If a indie company can do it, why not the bigger ones like Blizzard, Activsion, EA etc. At least, I know that they have a greater capacity of doing great at this one.

Okay, quick recap on Vainglory — respectable gameplay, great design, brilliant graphics and music this game is good to go. And hey, guess what? On top of that, you will get this for free. Well, guys, how can we make this thing even better? Oh, I have an idea. Why not add a social feature, right? I am really excited with how this game will evolve and develop in the long run.

Confession of an Avid SimCity BuildIt Gamer

SimCity Gamer

I have been following SimCity video game when I was just studying college and every time there is new release I will not miss it but have a taste of it because I’m a fan of SimCity and love to build things. I really learn more regarding city development and the job needed for the City to grow and develop. However, it’s not just about building, I cannot get bored playing the game because the games make your mind very focus on what you are going to do in your developing City.

A good feature I really like in the video game is when there is a riot in the streets and I cannot contain it, well I have just unleash my tornadoes and remove those protestors out of my wonderful City. This is just the features in the past however with the latest release of SimCity this has change now.

Some players stated that SimCity BuildIt is just the same with the previous SimCity versions, however when I played the game I guess they are all wrong because the game beats the previous ones because you can decide what is best for your City. In SimCity BuildIt you will build your neighborhood and provide them their needs, protection and recreation.

With your City popping out with neighborhood they give you new task and demands while you make them very happy. While you are taking care of your population, your task for upgrading your City will become plenty to accomplish. However you need to wait few minutes before those resources can be available.

To be able to develop your City you have to acquire woods, plastic and steel but to do that you need to have a Factory. However, be sure to put your Factory in the right place or else your residential houses cost will be affected and will cost you lots of penny. So you need to arrange your Factory wisely away from your residence. The very function of the Factories is to give you the resources needed for the upgrades of the building.

The next thing to do be able solve your problem with Simcash is to build Government building to increase your tax which is good, for further development if you reach certain level. Make sure to work what is needed for your City if you don’t want to slowdown your progress in building the City. You will have the best entertainment with SimCity Buildit if you have plenty of Simoleons and SimCash.


Getting your progress faster on the game is not that hard  if you have money to buy  the resources in simcity buildit.But my question to you, Do   you have to spend 100’s of dollars to  upgrade to more higher level at fast face?. Do you think you can only spend that much. This game is really time consuming  just like any other real time game. That is why Simcity BuildIt Hack come into  the show. This is not to kill the game but only to help you speed up your simcity account to level up.

Sony Refund Vita Clients Due To Wrong Ads Claim


Sony Computer Entertainment America has resolved with the FTC about fake and deceptive advertising charges concerning PS Vita’s launch promotion.

During their negotiation, Sony can provide partial reimbursements to Vita clients who bought the device just before June 1st, 2012. Qualifying men and women have their own alternative between a $25 cash/credit refund or a $50 coupon for select video games and services.

Sony is going to be obliged to email those qualified for the refund right after the negotiation finalizes.

The costs from the FTC alleged Sony’s claims in regards to the Vita at launch were deceptive, declaring the hardware would “revolutionize video gaming mobility” via remote and cross-platform have fun with the PS3 – particularly that the device permitted gamers to begin a video game on PS3, pause, and continue playing on Vita.

“Sony stated, for instance, that PS Vita users could stop any PS3 game anytime and then play the video game on their PS Vita from which they left off. This attribute, nevertheless, was just designed for a couple of PS3 video games, and the pause-and-save capacity explained in the advertisements varied considerably from game to game….”

“Sony’s PS Vita advertisements incorrectly suggested that customers who possessed the 3G type of the device (which cost an additional $50 plus fees each month) could participate in live, multi-player video gaming through a 3G network. The truth is, consumers couldn’t participate in live, multiplayer gaming…. In truth, most PS3 games weren’t remote playable on the PS Vita.”

The FTC included that Sony’s marketing agency, Deutsch LA, understood that the ads covered misleading information and facts; and that the organization made worse the misinformation by utilizing its very own staff members to develop hype for the handheld on social networking, without having revealing that they are in bed with the company or Sony.

“As we enter in the year’s biggest shopping time, providers have to be prompted that if they create product offers to customers – as Sony made with the ‘game changing’ popular features of its PS Vita – they need to provide on those promises,” Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Jessica Rich said.

“The FTC won’t think twice to work on the part of customers when providers or marketers make fake product promises.”

Both Sony and Deutsch LA are already prohibited from similar marketing methods forward movement.

A Tour to Depth – VR 3D Head Tracking Eyewear In 3D

Computer users that are searching for an affordable gadget to provide natural 3D perspective and depth to their video gaming or computer viewing. Perhaps thinking about a new head tracking gadget developed by the NCF Group known as the Depth-VR.

Depth-VR is a set of 3D head tracking eyeglasses which have been created specifically to make “unprecedented realism” to 3D objects on your pc screen.

The NCF Group points out more details on their revolutionary eyewear:

“Common displays are lacking perspective; regardless of how your perspective changes, the image is definitely the same, making the screen seem flat. As you move, you can observe objects from all various angles, which makes them seem as though they’re really immediately before you. With Depth-VR’s motion control system, you may also bodily communicate with these objects!

Depth-VR releases as a system for incredible, immersive video gaming. We’ve created 15 demo games, to offer with Depth-VR, with lots of more about the way. We built Depth-VR to make inexpensive, dependable, vivid, and most importantly cool 3D display results to the screen. Prior to creation of real holographic projection technology, we feel an application algorithm simulating these effects is the ideal method to accomplish our objective.

Depth-VR utilizes a combined stereoscopic 3D and head tracking, so that you can feel a feeling of depth as you view 3D scenes from many sides. For normal screens, we use blue and red 3D to be sure your right and left eyes see various viewpoints, while our polarized eyeglasses suit beautifully with nearly every 3D visible on industry.”

Hacking Our Way to the Fascinating Hummingbirds


Animals are so fascinating to watch. There are so many things that we really can’t fathom in this world but why would we want to do that, when all we have to do is to get mesmerized of how brilliant this world was made and engineered by a superior being.One of his creation is this so called hummingbirds which are going to take a look today and decipher some of the things that make this tiny bird look amazing on flight.

Hummingbirds are incredible creatures, aren’t they? Just watching them in flight, darting from flower to flower, is awe-inspiring. To drink nectar from flowers, hummingbirds rely on their ability to hover. But how do they do it? Engineers from Vanderbilt University teamed up with a biologist from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to create a detailed, aerodynamic simulation of hummingbird flight. The simulation demonstrates that the way a hummingbird flies is much more closely related to insects than it is to other birds. Unlike other birds, Hummingbirds can generate lift not just on the downstroke, but on the upstroke as well. This happens by inverting their wings.Larger birds get practically all of their lift on the downstroke.

Insects, however, can also hover, fly back and forth, and side to side. Their wing construction may be different, but like the hummingbird, insects also produce lift from both the upstroke and downstroke. Hovering, in itself, is an amazing feat that requires intense visual processing. But two researchers from the University of British Columbia claim to have found a glitch in the hummingbird hover system. The researchers found that altering a hummingbird’s visual stimuli while it attempts to feed causes the bird to falter in flight.

The hummingbirds were put into a laboratory flight arena. They hovered around a plastic feeder in front of a surface that projected images. When still images were projected, the birds had no visible response. Moving images, however, seemed to trip their game up. A rotating spiral, for example, caused the hummingbirds to drift backward repeatedly as they tried to make contact with the feeder. Kind of like me trying jog and drink water at the same time. The poor hummingbirds still could not get used to the moving images when the researchers repeated the experiment. When the bird’s beak broke contact with the feeder, a re-boot was triggered – the bird would come back to its original hover position, only to get tripped up again by the same images.

The researchers explain that this experiment suggests quote – “the hummingbirds’ visual motion detection network can over-ride even a critical behavior like feeding.” These findings could open a door to more research on other interesting ways that flying birds use visual information.